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ert ▓marched at 4 p.m.on the 18th▓ for Abu Kru.The guide was one Ali L▓oda, a local freebooter.But night marches, h▓owever advisable under such conditi●ons as Tel el Kebir, are bad with wear▓ied men.The soldiers in this●

case were exhausted, and did not get ●within measurable distance of the river, s▓o that between them and wate▓r lay the Arab host.Laager ▓was then formed to protect the transport; an●d was garrisoned by some of the Heavi●es, the 19th Hussars, the Artillery a●nd Naval Brigade.Then the square moved toward▓ the enemy, not without skirmishes, and whi▓le halting

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for breakfast the en▓emy’s fire increased, and Sir Herber▓t received the wound which afterward

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s proved ▓fatal.At 3 p.m.the advance was res▓umed, and the Arabs charged as before▓.But the men

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were cooler than ▓in the previous action, and none ●of the enemy got within 100 yards of● the

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